Social Impact

Mennen’m La’s main goal is that Haitian culture can be promoted through our packages, while creating jobs for our local communities. We believe that, through tourism, many local communities can be developed. True change starts when the locals use their current resources and transform into a touristic activity that will generate income

When you book a tour with us, you:

  • You encourage local communities to turn their gifts and talents into a source of revenue
  • You help a local family put a hot meal on the table
  • You help more people be aware of the beauty and richness of Haitian culture


By booking a package with an art class, you are creating a source of income for local artists while empowering them by showing them that their work has value. Artists, after giving an art class to our groups, get a chance to showcase their work and earn some extra money.

In some areas that we visit, such as Ile a Vache, you have the chance to stay with a local host family! This is your chance to learn how they cook breakfast, how they interact with one another while they rent you a room in their home.

This is not all! Locals are getting hire to be local guides, tell stories around the campfire, give cooking classes, take you on a tour on their fishing boats and so much more!
Be more than a tourist… Create an impact !