Ann-Sophie Ovile Hamilton. Founder and CEO

My name is Ann-Sophie Hamilton and I am the founder and CEO of Mennen’m La Tours. Thank you so much for visiting my website! Before you book your next trip with us, I have little story to tell you.
Growing up, I have always thought of Haiti as this country that constantly needed international help because we were “poor and hungry”. After all, I only really knew Port-au-Prince (The Capital) where I lived and what they were constantly showing on TV. No wonder I impatiently waited on summer to go to the Unites States.


There is a quote that says “Haiti is too rich to be poor”. I have never understood what it truly meant, until I came back home (Haiti) after college. After traveling to several countries, studying abroad and getting fascinated by tourism and culture, I could only realize while discovering the countryside of my homeland that Haiti had so much to offer. I wanted everybody to come with me and discover.

I asked myself: “What if we used tourism to create the change we want to see and that Haiti deeply needs?”
This is why I created Mennen’m La Tours, a company specialized in social and sustainable tourism. Because I believe that true change starts with our own communities. What if we used our own talents, our own cuisine, our own resources to attract tourists and show them what they are really missing out? What if we created an experience that would not only boost tourism but also create jobs for local communities?


We have caves, white sand beaches, waterfalls waiting to be explored and on top of that, the best cuisines in the Caribbean! (Yes I said it). What are you waiting for?

Come on this journey with me and book that tour

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