Mennen’m La is an enterprise operating in the Haitian tourism sector. Our goal is to introduce social and sustainable tourism here in Haiti by providing an experience that will also have social impacts such as: Job creation for the locals, increase of exposure for the Haitian culture, reforestation and more.

We provide a Natif Natal experience, which means that our activities are 100% local and will allow you to immerse in the Haitian culture and the true local lifestyle.

We are more than a tour that takes you to a destination to see a beautiful beach or just a fancy hotel. Our belief is that Haiti has much more potential than that. We are here for the curious, the adventurous, the artists, and the backpackers… Anyone who wants to learn more about the cuisine, encourage the art, engage in some local activities, enjoy our music, share a meal with a local, sleep outdoors, eat in a coconut shell and more!

The Mennen’m La experience is all about truly experiencing our beautiful Haiti.